Click here to download LAN Find 3

Click here to download LAN Find 3
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LAN Find is a powerful search tool for local area network or your computer. Find any files (e.g. mp3, avi, tmp, etc.) easily! Custom search criteria, ultra fast engine, easy results management, saving and loading, search scheduling, ability to search through hidden shares, and much more!
Click here to download LAN Find

LAN Find key features:

  • Automatic search through hidden shares.
  • Fast multithreaded search engine.
  • Search scheduling.
  • Tree for easy navigation.
  • Search according to the specified criteria (name, type, size, date: created, accessed, modified).
  • Search selected networks, domains, groups, folders.
  • Save/load, sort, delete, unique your search results.

  • You may use LAN Find for the following:

  • Create mp3 list of your LAN!
  • Create a list of recently added movies/clips!
  • Find useful documents you have missed!
  • Find software installs in network archives!
  • Find and remove duplicate files!
  • Find and delete unnecessary or virus files in entire network!
  • Find unauthorized or inappropriate files in entire network.
  • Do the same things on your local computer!

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    What's new in LAN Find 3?

  • Save results in XML format
  • Open results saved in XML format
  • Move To... command - move selected files from the result list to a destination of your choise
  • Find In Result List command
  • Unique Results: remove duplicate files from result list
  • Result list now contains the following columns: Name, Path, Size, Created, Modified, Accessed which may be easily customized
  • Search algorithm was greatly improved so LAN Find became considerably faster.

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    What our customers say about LAN Find

    It is very fast! It's much faster than standard Windows XP search on my computer!
    Wayne Bosman

    We have discovered tons of unathorized files in our corporate network!

    LAN Find is really useful. We have eliminated all files created by virus on our network.
    Rubi Kole, colledge teacher

    It is fun to scan my home net for new mp3s and movies. Results are opened in Winamp and Media Player with no probs. Really cool.
    Nelia Buss

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    LAN Find is rated 5 stars:

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